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Why Choose TLC's Healthy Delivered Meals?

Complimentary Meal Tasting

TLC offers a complimentary presentation and meal tasting
to Health Professionals, Retirement Villages and Care Organisations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone order TLC dinners?arrow-down

Yes anyone can order a TLC meal. Whether you are a senior, a time poor mum, a busy businessperson, a recuperating patient, a community organisation, or even a student, a meal made with TLC is for you.

What days do you deliver to my suburb?arrow-down

Just type in your Suburb and State into the screen on the Home Page or Delivery Page to check your local delivery schedule.

Can I pay by cash or cheque?arrow-down

No. Please check with the office on 1800 801 200 for alternative payment options.

What credit cards does TLC accept?arrow-down

TLC accepts Visa, MasterCard, Credit or Debit Cards and American Express.

How does TLC provide online transaction security?arrow-down

TLC uses secure servers and secure socket layer (SSL) data transfer for strong encryption for online banking transactions. When you pay for your order, you enter a secure area which switches on the padlock on your browser. In your address bar you will see an 's' added to 'http' indicating encryption of data.

How does the 100% money back guarantee on my 1st order work?arrow-down

TLC is confident that you will be happy with your meals, so you receive an unconditional money back guarantee on your 1st order for up to 7 dinners. If you are unhappy with your first delivery please contact the office on 1800 801 200 to arrange a refund.

Are the dinners Heart Friendly?arrow-down

Many TLC meals have been laboratory tested and qualify for Heart Friendly. However, some meals are created especially for those customers with higher energy needs and are therefore not applicable.

Do the meals qualify as Diabetes Friendly?arrow-down

TLC's approach to providing healthier meals suitable for people with Diabetes requires our Nutritionist to formulate recipes that meet our predetermined nutrient criteria.

Am I required to sign a contract?arrow-down

No contracts are required. If you like your meals you will re-order more when you need them!

What days and how often do you deliver? Do I have to be home?arrow-down

You can check the delivery day online, otherwise please ring the office. Most areas have a delivery at least once a week. If no one is going to be home please contact the office to make arrangements.

What if I am not home when you deliver?arrow-down

If you think you may not be home, simply advise TLC of a suitable, safe and cool location to leave the box in advance.

Are the meals already cooked?arrow-down

Yes, the meals are cooked and only need heating. The heating guidelines are on all the meal lids. Do not overheat.

How can the meals be heated?arrow-down

Conventional Oven Heating Preheat your oven to 180C. Heat from frozen with lid on for approximately 25 - 30 minutes (or until heated throughout). Do not lift or puncture the lid until heated. The dinner can be eaten directly from the tray. Soups require less heating time.

Microwave Oven Heating
Heat from frozen on high with lid on for approximately 5 - 6 minutes (or until heated throughout). Microwaves over 800W will need less heating. Do not lift or puncture the lid until heated. The dinner can be eaten directly from the tray. Soups require less heating time.

For further information click to view details.

Can I cancel an order?arrow-down

You can cancel an order with at least 2 working days' notice prior to the delivery date.

Does your commercial kitchen have HACCP approval?arrow-down

Yes, all meals are prepared under a Certified Food Safety System and we have HACCP Approval, the International Food Safety System.

Can the vegetables be changed or the meals modified?arrow-down

Once a meal has been tested and accredited, we cannot alter any part of the meal - changing the vegetables in a meal would alter the nutrient content.

Is everything delivered frozen? Can you help unpack the delivery?arrow-down

Yes, we cook, chill and freeze. Our couriers are happy to assist by packing the delivery into the freezer.

Are there any contracts or any minimum order? Who can order?arrow-down

There are no contracts - the minimum delivery is 7 dinners but there is no obligation to order on a regular basis. Anyone can order with us.

Are there any discounts available?arrow-down

Seniors Card holders receive an ongoing discount .

How do you obtain the free 3 course Birthday Offer?arrow-down

Call TLC on Freecall 1800 801 200 and we can arrange to have it delivered with your next order. If you order on line, you need to contact our office for any free offers.

How long do the meals keep?arrow-down

Every meal has a 'Best By' date of 12 months when produced.

Can I find out the ingredients? arrow-down

All TLC meals, soups and desserts display a Nutritional Information Panel and Ingredients List. You can also find out the ingredients by going to the online menu or by phoning the office.

Can an order be placed if the client is still in hospital?arrow-down

Yes, contact the office to discuss the situation. An arrangement needs to be made for someone to accept and pre-pay by credit card.

Does the menu change?arrow-down

We regularly introduce Chef's Specials.

Can the meals be pureed?arrow-down

Yes, heat the meal as per the instructions. We suggest pureeing the vegetables separately from the protein component to retain the variety of flavours.

What do the Meal Icons stand for?arrow-down

Heart FriendlyHeart Friendly meals meets strict standards for total fat, saturated fat, trans fat, sodium, energy, protein and vegetable content.
gluten free Laboratory tested to guarantee dinners have no gluten detected to 5 parts per million (industry standard).
diabetes Meets the criteria as suitable for people with Diabetes.
dairy free Ingredients contained in these dinners are free from milk or dairy products
low salt Meets guidelines for low salt dinners - not exceeding 120mg/100g for sodium
Vegetarian Vegetarian Meals may contain dairy/egg products.
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