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Heart Friendly Meals

We ensure our meals are nutritionally balanced and prepared with the freshest ingredients

With TLC's Heart Friendly meals,
you can rest easy knowing that every meal must meet strict nutritional standards.

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Our mouth watering ready made healthier meals are delivered right to your door. Delivery is Free with any order!

Minimum order is 7 dinners from either $$Saver, regular or mixed selection.

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About Heart Foundation Tick Approved

After 26 years as an industry leader, driving healthier food choices and reformulation in Australia, the National Heart Foundation Board has decided to retire the Tick. Read more...

Many of TLC's meals have been approved by the Heart Foundation Tick Program. They are Tick approved for meeting strict standards for saturated fat, trans fat, sodium, energy, protein and fibre or vegetable content.

So you can be assured that these Tick meals are a healthier choice. The Heart Foundation Tick began in 1989 and is a public health initiative aimed at improving the nutritional health of Australians.

The Heart Foundation Tick has developed individual nutrient criteria for over 80 different food categories. TLC meals are approved in the Ready Meals category.

All Tick products are independently tested to show they meet the nutrition standards. TLC aims to actively contribute to a healthier community by continuing to develop Tick approved products.

What does the Tick on food mean?

If a food is Tick approved, this means it has passed independent lab tests to ensure it's a healthier choice compared with similar foods. Unique criteria are set for each type of food so that the unhealthier nutrients can be reduced and healthier nutrients increased.

Every Tick product contains less of the bad stuff and more of the good stuff. Tick foods have reduced levels of unhealthy saturated fat, trans fat, salt and kilojoules (energy); and more healthy nutrients like fibre, vegetables and calcium. The food is judged as a whole, as it's eaten, and not just according to one nutrient.

How do companies earn the Tick?

Without exception all foods showing the Heart Foundation Tick must meet the Heart Foundation's strict standards. Meals are independently analysed to ensure they meet the nutrient criteria before they can use the Tick on their foods.

How are the Tick standards maintained?

Foods with the Tick are randomly and frequently tested to make sure they continue to meet the standards. If any Tick food no longer meets their standards, it is expelled from the program. And not only can you rest assured that what you are eating is healthier, you can also trust the manufacturer's claims about the product. All of the packaging used for Tick foods must be approved and all advertising claims must be truthful. So you're in safe hands!

Food companies pay a licence fee only once their product has met these standards. The Tick program runs on a cost recovery basis and the fees are used to manage the activities of the program.

Every product with the Tick can be randomly audited at any time. These audits, conducted by an independent company, are essential to ensure that products meet their criteria.

See what our customers have to say:

...I am more than happy with the nutritious meals I get from Tender Loving Cuisine. Every meal I have had is just what I cook for myself. When you have a steak dinner you get real steak, lovely, same as pork and chicken, you get the real thing, good slices and also Heart Foundation Tick approved...more

- Mrs Merle Larssen
Maroubra NSW
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